Mobility news for 2.14.2018

Happy Valentine’s Day from Quick Shift, where love comes without a steering wheel or pedals. And this year, sharing mobility news with your special someone may be almost as good as chocolate and flowers. — Katie Burke

Uber’s unstoppable growth. The ride-hailing giant, which is not publicly traded, released select financial details for the fourth quarter of 2017, showing a 61 percent increase in net revenue compared with the same period in 2016, despite a year of bad headlines. Uber reported $11 billion in revenue for the fourth quarter, and lost $4.5 billion on $7.5 billion in sales.

Who needs a degree? New research suggests more companies are looking for workers with specific skills such as coding and data analysis rather than those who have reached a certain level of education. Known as “new collar,” these unconventional job requirements are coming from cities looking to grow their own tech industries. Read more on how the auto industry is tapping self-taught recruits here.

Quick bits:

  • Faraday Future, the once-darling Chinese car startup that has struggled in recent years, is flush with cash from a new investor, reports Business Insider.
  • Bill Gates warns that tech companies may be overstepping their relationship with regulators.
  • Could Amazon be quietly developing its own self-driving car technology?
  • Waymo CEO says he’s “really happy” with Uber settlement.
  • Silicon Valley venture capitalist Peter Thiel, who is also an adviser to President Donald Trump, says artificial intelligence is becoming “communist.”
  • This Verge writer had his faith in self-driving cars “shaken” after the Waymo-Uber trial.
  • Daimler warns of supply chain issues with increasing electric car demand.
  • Flying car takeoff goes almost instantly wrong.
  • Porsche wooing motorhead fans into loving electric cars.
  • Chinese electric car incentives now favor longer-range cars.
  • Study says delivery drones could reduce emissions if used correctly.
  • Who’s down with O.P.P. (the Ontario Provincial Police)? Tesla, who apparently sold the O.P.P. a Model X to be used as a police cruiser.